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Upcoming releases, the themes and deadlines for materials to publish:
2018 No.4
The theme:
"Social policy in the regions of Russia: processes and development trends"
Deadline: October, 16th, 2018
2019 No.1
The theme:
"Global Cities and Domestic Regions in World Politics"
Deadline: January, 16th, 2019
2018 4 2019 1
Currently territorial entities of the RF, drawing up concepts and socio-economic development programs, fulfill solving of social issues mainly using their own budget funds. In connection therewith, the problem of segregation of social policy distribution between the federal center and regional entities is put to the foreground. Thе relationships "center-region” and "region-region” are complex and contradictory. Here multilevel processes are entwined, adverse interests clash; the study of them requires the development and use of new approaches and methods. In addition, a regional social policy differentiates on the following fronts: policy on increasing the living standard and quality of life of the population; employment and labour market policy; migrant policy; social security policy; social infrastructure development policy, etc. These and other issues will be studied in topical section of this number.
In recent years, global cities and intra-state regions have become increasingly active in the international arena. Accordingly, the attention to this problem of researchers is increased. This section presents articles on theoretical aspects of both global cities and intra-state regions on the international scene (causes and possible consequences of international activity of intra-state territorial structures), as well as specific activities of Russian and foreign regions and cities in cooperation with foreign partners. Thus, the focus of the analysis is the Far Eastern Federal District in the system of cross-border relations in the Asia-Pacific region, the "turn to the East" of the European regions of Russia (example of the Komi Republic), cross-border cooperation of the Republic of Karelia, and finally external relations of regions of China. The authors of the articles are researchers from different regions of the Russian Federation

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